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DataGr8 Case Study

GlassHouse South Africa Partner Case Study with DataGr8


Company name: DataGr8

Sector: IT Consultancy

Managed Backup & DR Services
Managed Infrastructure
Dell EMC Product Family



About DataGr8

DataGr8 is one of South Africa’s leading enterprise IT Systems businesses offering a range of services including data archival, storage enablement, storage migrations, security, backup, and recovery solutions for its customers. DataGr8 operates across Africa.

It is comprised of a team of highly accomplished professionals and prides itself on its ability to deliver quality products and solutions, and to deliver the best to its customers.

DataGr8 CEO and Owner, Egideon Bands:
”Throughout my business career, one thing I have known is that if we provide an excellent service, our business will be successful. The reason we work so well with GlassHouse South Africa is because they have the same philosophy and provide that excellent service.”

The Business Context

Data management, archival, protection, backup and recovery are essential services to enterprises around the world. In this regard, South Africa has a severe shortage of skills that align to data management, so much so that Data Management remains high on the newly Gazetted Critical Skills List of  the Department of Home Affairs. The ICT skills gap is a well-known problem for ICT specialist businesses like DataGr8, especially when it comes to vendor specific technologies and the ability to implement and support them.

Enterprises in South Africa are faced with exponential data growth to remain competitive. 

With this growth, their needs for data management and protection have increased exponentially to the point where internal teams are looking for support from providers. And the pandemic has increased the need to act on what data insights they can.

The GlassHouse and DataGr8 Partnership

DataGr8 needed a partner with exceptional skills, particularly with a deep understanding of the vendor services it offers to its clients and found it in GlassHouse.
GlassHouse has its origins in the provision of backup and recovery services with a vendor focus on Dell Technologies.

While the company has grown significantly since then to incorporate a wide variety of services and technologies, DataGr8 turned to GlassHouse because of its exceptional skills in this arena. The partnership was born three years ago and has now extended to incorporate the South African arm of GlassHouse.

GlassHouse now supports DataGr8 with much needed skill in areas including backup and recovery with Dell EMC, and converged infrastructure with Dell VXRail.  Together, DataGr8 and GlassHouse service customers in mining, ICT, and the financial sector, with each of these sectors comprising large enterprises.

The GlassHouse Differentiator

For DataGr8, having the peace of mind that the job will get done in time and with the highest quality of service is essential. It is about maintaining its brand in front of their customers.

With a highly experienced local team, DataGr8 knows the skills that they need to fill a niche gap in their service offering are available on hand to support customers as and when needed.

Finally, there are opportunities for DataGr8 to expand their partnership with GlassHouse, given the growth of experience and skills in SAP S/4 Hana migrations and cloud services experience.

The Case in Short

The Problem
Fill a much-needed gap in skills with the implementation and management of vendor specific technologies like Dell.

The Solution
Harness the skills, experience  and quality of service provided by the GlassHouse South Africa team to support clients in mining, technology, and banking across Africa.


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