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GlassHouse Brings Global Experience to South African Managed Services Market

The enterprise technology environment continues to grow more and more complex as application and organisational analytical needs develop their own complexities. Partnering with a business with a deep history and a view of how these environments have changed over time and continue to evolve has become more important than ever before.

GlassHouse Technology has been an integral player in the digital transformation and managed services arena in many international countries. With its head office in Turkey, it has earned its place as a highly respected technology partner having worked with many global powerhouse brands.

Now offering services to South African clients, GlassHouse brings with it its international expertise and global best practice for business continuity, managed services and cloud architecture and services locally.

“With over 300 global organisations on cloud platforms managed by GlassHouse local customers can be assured that their technology solutions are best fit for whatever market or markets they play in,” says GlassHouse South Africa Country Manager, Mike Styer.

There is little doubt that digital transformation is on the minds of CIOs , and if it isn’t, it certainly should be. According to research by the IDC 97% of organisations in the Middle East and Africa region are already on a digital transformation journey.

The reason for this is that organisations are looking to leverage their technologies to drive innovation, to better service their customers, generate a more productive workforce and build products that ultimately drive the bottom-line. But understanding how best to manage your technology assets has never been a more intensive process that requires integrative skills that only a very select few technology experts own. In fact, IDC has determined that as much as 58% of global organisations find themselves stuck in what it terms a “digital deadlock” either locked in silos or unable to navigate the complexity that comes with deciding how best to deliver on digital transformation.

With either internationally experienced and locally sourced expertise, GlassHouse will apply its own methodologies to your technology environments, helping you to overcome this “digital deadlock” through our tried and tested strategic and operational processes.

“With many customers managed in the cloud and on-premise and with our experience in many other markets, if there is one thing we understand its hybrid cloud. This is aligned to a growing international trend. Working with our vendor partners and our deep experience, we are able to strategically craft your environment to determine what services should be on-premise and which ones should be cloud-based and we deliver our services in record time with the aim to create customer delight,” says Styer.

GlassHouse offers an array of technology solutions for enterprise. Indeed, its roots lie in support for Dell systems internationally, particularly in data protection and the company holds unparalleled skills in this arena. Data and data management is in our DNA with business continuity, disaster recovery and backup services being some of our key long term offerings.

But in the South African environment, GlassHouse has placed a strong focus on its SAP services portfolio, holding a Gold Partner level with SAP hosting and S4 HANA certification. When it comes to an organisation’s SAP environment, GlassHouse does everything except the development and application customisation aspects of SAP. From ensuring that the SAP environment is in the right place and using the right resources, through to migrations and installations, GlassHouse has acquired and trained top-level skills to ensure that any environment is properly leveraged to meet any company’s needs.

With SAP pushing for migration from legacy to S4 HANA and the support timelines for legacy services rapidly shrinking, GlassHouse has placed a strong focus on the development of best practice and fast agile solutions to help customers make that transition effectively and efficiently. The partnership with SAP is incredibly strong and GlassHouse already fields 7 000 level 1 and level 2 calls annually.

Building a hybrid cloud that best suits an organisation’s needs requires an agile strategy, and one that can be architected and implemented all while ensuring that business assets are placed where they will be most efficient. That requires partnerships with the world’s best service providers, which GlassHouse certainly has.

As a Gold partner of Microsoft, GlassHouse has a strong partnership with Microsoft locating customers into the Azure data centres in SA. “This partnership allows us to provide our customers with the right advice when it comes to how best to implement their digital transformation strategy,” says Styer.

Applications requires more and more complex environments to run, GlassHouse is perfectly positioned to create, implement and maintain an optimal managed services strategy for their clients to not only thrive, but also to innovate. “GlassHouse views cloud not as a place, but as an operational model. To support this concept, GlassHouse offers residency services as well as managed services to leading enterprises around the world. We help you not only keep the lights on, but to align to business requirements and innovate,” says Styer.

Whether your organisation is looking for managed services, backup, recovery or business continuity, managed SAP services or systems monitoring, GlassHouse is set to become your partner of choice in your environment.

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