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Insights are a company's best asset


By Mike Styer, GlassHouse South Africa Country Manager

Organisations around the world are looking for actionable data that will help drive business objectives, but many are drowning in data with no way of analysing and putting it to good use inside their own IT infrastructure to make strategic decisions.

Resource monitoring is not a foreign concept to CIOs; however, it remains underutilised as a rich source of actionable intelligence that can drive business innovation and deliver a competitive edge.

Most CIOs look at resource monitoring as a means to ensure the health and stability of an ever-growing and increasingly complex environment.

This is particularly important in a multi-vendor environment, which is becoming much more prevalent in today’s enterprise IT arena.

While this is an absolutely essential aspect of monitoring that must be maintained, it is by no means the only reason to use monitoring.

Resource monitoring can help manage and determine many aspects of your business and provide you with clear cut ways to improve the bottom-line by enabling you to quickly and effectively align strategy with business process and operational efficiency.

But getting those insights can end up being costly for organisations that believe they need to invest in new and expensive technology to collect, analyse, and make actionable the data they have gathered.

What often ends up happening is that once companies do invest in these technologies, they are underutilised and provide little actionable insight that can be leveraged for business innovation and process improvement.

GlassHouse – Real insights for business change

Monitoring as a service (MaaS) can help organisations alleviate the costly investment, while providing real insights for business change.

Through our extensive global experience, GlassHouse has developed significant experience in business process monitoring to help organisations collect and analyse system data to identify the golden thread that that can help businesses make strategic decisions quickly and promote innovation.

Our most prominent case study deals with a massive retailer that needed to understand the entire supply chain leading to the sale of fresh produce in its stores.

This was done to ensure it was able to change pricing of its products twice a day based on competitor movement and attract customers in store.

This was accomplished by using the deep analytics of our business process monitoring capability that ultimately enabled us to exceed customer expectation and creating delight.

The GlassHouse business process monitoring offering provides all levels of monitoring, including; network and databased monitoring, virtual and physical server monitoring, middleware and messaging, application insights, and web service monitoring to provide clients with deep analytics that they are able to leverage to create competitive advantage for business.

Being able to monitor your business processes on a 24/7 basis and identifying the golden thread can be costly and often requires additional staff resources which many organisations don’t have in-house.

GlassHouse has both the expertise and the people to ensure that continuous, actionable data is available at a cost-effective rate. We also ensure that its skills are continuously updated and expanded on, using international best practice, to ensure that our monitoring can always be applied to the latest technology at any layer of your IT environment.

And for the health monitoring, our track record through the various iterations of enterprise environments speaks for itself.  Our clients know that if there is an exception detected, the GlassHouse team will take care of remedial actions, upgrades or troubleshooting, while they get on with their core business.

Resource monitoring should not simply be an early warning system, or a post-mortem of a problem, it should be used to provide organisations with insights that can drive innovation within organisations and provide the golden thread that aligns operations with business process and business strategy.

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