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Foriba Case Study

Foriba Case Study


Company name: Foriba

Sector: Global e-invoicing compliance and VAT reporting

SAP on Microsoft Azure

Summarize this success story in a few words. What makes it interesting?

Foriba is a fintech company providing Electronics Regulation Solutions to companies. As a result of being old SAP Consulting Partner, Foriba is very dominating SAP ERP customers. Company is also using SAP S/4HANA system since the beginning of 2018 and running SAP workloads on AWS. As a result of our TCO analysis report, we convinced customer to move their SAP workloads to Azure.

What challenge did the customer have at the start of this project?

Customer demanded a near-zero downtime during migration and minimum end-user disconnection as company started to provide services to companies around EU region.

Foriba, at that time had 100+ SAP users and providing e-Solutions which they charge monthly via SAP S/4HANA System by using electronic invoices.

So, Foriba was expecting the following as benefits of this project:
– Near-zero downtime during migration
– min. or no affected end-user
– at least same performance
– reduced cloud costs
– HA and DR capabilities
– EU based Region (due to regulations)
– Existence of the Cloud Provider in Turkey to get 1st hand support

What solution did you devise?

By calculating the TCO with AWS and Azure, we demonstrated to customer that moving to Azure will reduce their costs by at least 15%. Remember that at that time RI’s not available.

This triggered the project with the help of our strong relationship with Foriba as we’re providing all their Cloud and SAP deployment and support services.

We prepared our project plan with min. downtime by utilizing SAP HANA HSR and Azure ASR tools.

As we distributed all connection details to SAP EndUsers to use DNS names instead of IP Addresses, after moving the production system to Azure, it took less than 30 seconds to endusers to re-login to the system.

As we put all workloads to WestEU region customer was happy with the location.

After we move to Azure, surveys showed that EndUsers impressed with the increased performance which cannot be measured but felt by them.

Describe the interaction, collaboration, and relationship with the customer.

This was one of the 1st experience for us to move an SAP workload from other Cloud Vendors to Azure. Except that, all gone without issues.

What quantifiable business outcomes can we credit to this solution?

Clearly, customer Azure bills cut by more than 15% as promised. And due to regulation ther’re running their systems in EU region.

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