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Mopas Case Study

Mopaş Case Study


Company name: Mopaş Hipermarket

Sector: Retail

SAP on Microsoft Azure

Summarize this success story in a few words. What makes it interesting?

MOPAŞ is another SAP on Azure Success Story published on MSFT website ( When Microsoft introduced customer to us, they’d a high Cloud Costs and Performance issues. We as GlassHouse, started to work with Microsoft and customer to improve SAP Hybris performance while reducing the costs by 50%. As a result of this success, customer subscription is transferred to GlassHouse CSP Account.

What challenge did the customer have at the start of this project?

When we first meet with customer they’d 2 major complaints: 1) Low performance on SAP Hybris e-commerce website running on 2) High Azure Cloud Costs Customer is introduced to us by Microsoft Turkey (with old Partners Approval), as we’ve 20+ years of SAP and 10+ years of Cloud experience. They asked to conduct an assessment for the SAP Hybris workload running on Azure to analyze; – ways to improve performance – ways to reduce cloud costs

What solution did you devise?

As we assesses customer Azure landscape, we prepared a report which covers; – Possible ways to improve performance. We had to work with the Hybris e-commerce consultants to achieve this goal. – How we can reduce Azure costs by 50% – Our proposal for the project. As customer agreed to with us to improve performance and reduce costs, we started our project and finalized at the beginning of 2019. Still providing Azure, Azure & SAP Managed Services to customer.

Describe the interaction, collaboration, and relationship with the customer.

Biggest challenge was to work with Hybris Partner in this project. Also, we sttruggled to cover the wrong decisions made by the old MSFT partner who sized and deployed oversized resources for customer.

Project took more than 6 months due to the mis-communication with Hybris Partner and somehow put customer infront to force them to do the project.

What quantifiable business outcomes can we credit to this solution?

Clearly, customer Azure bills cut by more than 50% as promised.

Additional information you’d like to share?

This customer project became a customer reference and all details published on Microsoft Website:

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