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SAP Solution Manager Services

With SAP Solution Manager, you can be sure that your entire SAP solution environment is performing at its maximum potential.

We provide SAP Solution Manager as a Service for Partners;
  • New and Non-License Authorized Business Partner
  • SAP Partner who does not have a License Support Authorization, whose certification renewal time is ahead (renewed every 2 years) or requires to add a new Support Authorization for different SAP Product Categories

Service includes all the necessary installations (Cloud or In-House) and support services for getting the following License Authorizations:
  • BAiO Support Authorization
  • Hana Support Authorization
  • DB&T Support Authorization
  • Mobility Support Authorization
  • Analytics Support Authorization
What do we offer?
  • SAP Solution Manager Installation (Cloud or In-House)*
  • SAP Solution Manager Update/Upgrade
  • Installation of Test Systems (Cloud or In-House)*
  • SAP Solution Manager MOPZ Configuration
  • SAP Solution Manager ITSM Configuration
  • SAP Solution Manager BPM Configuration
  • Documentation
  • Process Support


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