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Database as a Service

GlassHouse Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Data and the databases that related data is processed are vital to your business. Thanks to the Database as a Service service offered by GlassHouse with its long years of experience and wide technical staff, you can hand over this vital operation to the experts.

Why GlassHouse Database as a Service (DBaaS)?

The variety and size of the data and databases are increasing day by day. Therefore, the databases are getting more and more complex. At the same time, the employment of a trained database specialist is getting harder every day due to the variables of the industry.

GlassHouse offers Turkey's most advanced Microsoft SQL as a Service and PostgreSQL as a Service options in its managed cloud with a consumption model. With the GlassHouse Database as a Service (DBaaS), you can conveniently entrust your database operations to GlassHouse experts.
  • Scalable solution: Our infrastructure supports you to grow your business by scaling your databases whenever you want.
  • Data backup service: Your data is critical. Our service allows you to restore when necessary, by taking advantage of GlassHouse's automatic backup operation.
  • Performance you can count on: Your databases run on GlassHouse Cloud's lightning-fast infrastructure with exceptional performance.
  • End-to-end security: Your databases, which you entrust to GlassHouse Cloud, run on private isolated networks. Requests made through the general internet can only reach your database in accordance with the whitelists you set. Your data is encrypted at your request while in transfer and standby status.
  • Expert team: GlassHouse Database as a Service is monitored and managed 24/7 by GlassHouse's competent database consultants.

How does GlassHouse PostgreSQL and MSSQL as a Service work?

The experts of GlassHouse works with your MS SQL and Postgre SQL experts to establish the database structure suitable for your business. After the migration and handover processes are completed, our experts perform periodic health-checks to ensure that the database environment is working properly.

If the parameters that need to be optimized in your database environment are discovered according to the detailed health-check results, GlassHouse experts apply the necessary changes. At the same time, standard services such as SQL performance analysis, active session analysis, database growth analysis, database response time analysis are also provided to improve database performance.

In order to ensure that the database operation runs properly, the error sources are followed and the system is monitored within the framework of the determined warning mechanisms by considering the structure of the environment. Important topics such as DB Information, Top 10 Tables, Total Segments, Top Segments Growth are reported every month.

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