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WAF as a Service

Secure your application sustainability by preventing harmful data packages from causing damage on your application layer!

GlassHouse WAF as a Service, (WAFaaS), (Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) Service) management and operation is a web application firewall services which is completely provided by GlassHouse, which inspects the data packages in the applications, web servers and the hosted web applications, to protect them against HTTPS attacks on the application layer.

Unlike the conventional firewall solutions, it also supports the web (http, https etc.) traffic, and enables creating security barriers between external users and web applications. It can proactively define bots, SQL injections, XSS and DDoS type of attacks, and provides advanced level of security capabilities against them such as static signatures.

With GlassHouse WAF as a Service, you can protect critical web applications, application programming interfaces (API) and web servers against zero day threats and other application layer attacks.

Why GlassHouse WAF as a Service?

  • GlassHouse Cloud solutions reduce the IT team’s workload and assist IT units to keep their focus on supporting the company’s core business functions rather than its IT infrastructure. Similarly, GlassHouse Cloud services enable you to free up your CapEx budget to invest in your core business functions rather than use it up on IT infrastructure acquisition.
  • GlassHouse WAF as a Service, provides a reasonably priced, scalable and efficient solution to organizations for enhanced security management; it offers an easy, quick and full integration with all GlassHouse Cloud services.
  • GlassHouse WAF as a Service has been created with the most enhanced software and hardware of the industry:
    • Capability to adapt according to your IT infrastructure in accordance with your needs,
    • 24/7 uninterrupted management by our certified security analysts,
    • Compatibility with other certifications mainly including PCI DSS,
    • A superior visitor and user experience for your websites and applications with intelligent caching feature.
  • Applicability on premises and on the cloud with easy and quick integration without any downtime.
  • It provides easy, fast and complete integration with all GlassHouse Cloud and managed security services.

Security as a Service

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