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Antivirus as a Service

Scan all your servers for viruses and other similar threats with a cloud-based central control mechanism, and ensure their security!

GlassHouse AntiVirus as a Service is a virus detection and prevention service managed and operated by GlassHouse technical consultants to prevent viruses that may threaten your system components.

GlassHouse AntiVirus as a Service, which you can use with a monthly remuneration model, offers 24/7 proactive security monitoring and management. It is a cloud-based which can automatically be distributed to all your devices to provide an extra protection layer against malicious software types, targeted attacks and the Internet threats.

Conventional security programs are based on the user’s local Pc’s operating power, while the scan data obtained with GlassHouse AntiVirus as a Service are analyzed on the cloud, and scanned in a broad threat library.


Why GlassHouse AntiVirus as a Service?

  • GlassHouse Cloud solutions reduce the IT team’s workload and assist IT units to keep their focus on supporting the company’s core business functions rather than its IT infrastructure. Similarly, GlassHouse Cloud services enable you to free up your CapEx budget to invest in your core business functions rather than use it up on IT infrastructure acquisition.
  • GlassHouse AntiVirus as a Service, provides a reasonably priced, scalable and efficient solution to organizations for enhanced security management; it offers an easy, quick and full integration with all GlassHouse Cloud services.
  • GlassHouse AntiVirus as a Service has been created with the most enhanced software and hardware of the industry:
    • Offers a proactive approach against threats with everchanging forms such as unauthorized access prevention, proactive detection and behavior analysis.
    • Provides detailed monthly reports to ensure visibility of potential threats,
    • Provides easy integration and use with a web-based console,
    • Identifies threats earlier with real-time reputation and behavioral monitoring technology,
    • Provides an enhanced and centralized rule and policy management which can be customized for your business,
    • Offers central scanning and reporting compared to conventional solutions.

Security as a Service

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