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Data Protection Solutions

Rule 1 for Data Protection: Invest in scalable and adaptable technologies

According to IDC research, the data produced in the world grows by 61% every year. This research also indicates that more companies are monitizing their data with each passing day. Today, data protection, business continuity and the ability to retrieve protected data when needed are all operations that affect EBITDA for businesses.

According to a survey of 2200 IT managers by the international research organization Vanson Bourne, 92% of IT managers think that the data generated by their businesses can potentially generate revenue for their businesses. 36% of enterprises are already monitizing their data. While 41% of the same 2200 IT managers stated that their operations were affected by system problems at least once in the last 12 months, 28% said they lost data at least once in the last 12 months.

63% of the same participants are not 100% sure that they will be able to return their data as needed, and 84% think that their data redundancy and business continuity systems will not be sufficient in future.

Data redundancy and business continuity are part of GlassHouse’s DNA. GlassHouse was founded in 2004 as a data backup and business continuity company. Since 2004 we have been serving over 250 data backup and business continuity customers. Our customers include some of the largest telecommunication, finance and industrial companies in the MENA region. Over the years we have partnered with Dell Technologies to offer a market-leading backup and business continuity portfolio to our customers.

In the GlassHouse model, Dell Technologies products are offered with GlassHouse local support. GlassHouse local support starts with our customers receiving Level 1 and Level 2 support from us in data backup and business continuity projects. Unlike an international vendor, GlassHouse does not limit its support to the products it sells and designs tailored support to cover customers’ application layers.

Our local support has been rewarded by Dell Technologies with the ‘Data Storage and Data Backup of the Year’ award each year since our inception.


Data is a valuable asset for many companies.


of them are aware of the potential value of the data.


of them find the data very valuable and are currently turning it into money.

And that's why data protection is more important than ever.

Cost of Interruptions!


Unscheduled system outage cost over the past 12 months: $527,000
Cost of Data Loss!


Cost of data loss experienced in the last 12 months: $996,000

Data Protection & Backup Appliances

Meet today’s new generation Data Protection system with flash drive options.
Store your data more economically with high deduplication / compression, replicate with less bandwidth, back up & restore faster.
Leverage the power of hyperconverged systems. Make backups, store and replicate backups with a single system.

Data Protection & Backup Software


Dell Technologies PowerProtect Software provides software-based data protection, deduplication, operational agility and self-service.

With PowerProtect, data owners can provide data redundancy and data return directly from the applications they control with self-service features. It also includes the necessary management tools to ensure even the highest SLAs.

PowerProtect provides business savings with deduplication.


Dell Technologies Data Protection Suite allows you to back up your workloads in hybrid cloud environments.

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