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Firewall as a Service

NextGen firewall service for NextGen cloud and IT infrastructures

GlassHouse Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) is an effective security service which enables you to use the firewall solutions with hardware- or software-based  Layer 7 and Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) capabilities.

GlassHouse Firewall as a Service is managed and operated 24/7 non-stop by GlassHouse technical advisors team with 70+ engineers.

GlassHouse Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) includes extra benefits such as application awareness and control for our cloud customers to effectively filter out harmful network traffic to which our cloud customers could be exposed, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, DNS security and cloud-based threat intelligence.

IT infrastructures gradually evolve into a more complicated and distributed structure due to various reasons such as telecommuting, mobile technologies and use of container infrastructures. Covering the policy/rule management need at the Firewall layer in accordance with the proactive security approaches required by ever-multiplying and dynamically-changing new endpoints is becoming more critical. GlassHouse FWaaS can answer all of your requirements.

GlassHouse FWaaS, IPSec and SSL encryption protocols reduce the attack surface, and provide a secure connection and multilateral protection between endpoints and network resources. The enhanced service of GlassHouse allow for the cutting edge security features such as two-factor authentication in mobile and desktop device (iOS, Android, PC, Mac) connections.


Why GlassHouse Firewall as a Service?

  • GlassHouse Cloud solutions reduce the IT team’s workload and assist IT units to keep their focus on supporting the company’s core business functions rather than its IT infrastructure. Similarly, GlassHouse Cloud services enable you to free up your CapEx budget to invest in your core business functions rather than use it up on IT infrastructure acquisition.
  • GlassHouse Firewall as a Service provides a reasonably priced, scalable and efficient solution to organizations for enhanced network security; it offers an easy, quick and full integration with all GlassHouse Cloud services.
  • After migrating to the GlassHouse cloud platform, you will not have to wait for the supply and installation of new equipment for days or weeks to put your ideas into practice. Our firewall park is always ready for your applications and use.
  • GlassHouse is a service provider focused on supporting the ‘enterprise’ structures with intensive use of IT infrastructures. Once your workloads are loaded to our platform, you can sit back and enjoy a relief from the burden of software/hardware updates, maintenances and repair. As the experienced team of GlassHouse takes care of your IT infrastructure, you will be able to concentrate on your main operations.

Security as a Service

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