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Outsourcing Services

Bring full, fast, efficient and cost effective professionals to your team.

The GlassHouse Outsourcing Service provides skilled and expert professionals to manage your information infrastructure based on your specific needs. The GlassHouse methodology helps you identify your needs, monitor your candidates, and meet your needs in a complete, fast, efficient and cost effective way.

Our Outsourcing Assignment service allows our customers to employ a team of professionals in a cost-effective manner.

Complete your IT team.

After mapping your digital transformation strategy, the next step is to find the right people for the project. Our outsourcing services help you find the capabilities you need to keep moving forward.

From new technology updates to daily maintenance, outsourcing services provide transition, operational and technical capability when you need it most. Based on your current needs and future projects, we identify skills gaps in your workforce to ensure that we provide the right talent for the job.

The right talent for every project

Whether you want to replace critical staff, fill a new position, or add extra support to a critical project, our outsourcing service can help you find the right choice. As a complete IT life cycle services company, we are in a unique position to identify the promising IT capability.


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