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IPS as a Service

Identify all anomalies in your IT infrastructure instantly, prevent sly threats before they take action, and reinforce your IT infrastructure’s immunity system!

GlassHouse IPS as a Service is a new generation threat intelligence and security service which identifies and prevents cyberattacks, and which is completely managed by GlassHouse technical professionals. It always keeps your security infrastructure on alert against cyberattacks which cause interruptions on your applications and services and try to seize control of your virtual or physical machinery.

GlassHouse IPS as a Service covers more than 13,000 IPS signatures. The service scans the network traffic on the basis of a continuously updated threat library, and identifies and prevents cyberattacks that manage to pass over the firewall layer by automatic responses.

GlassHouse IPS as a Service identifies the weaknesses such as zero-day and APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) on your applications and software with a multilayer approach, and protects your infrastructure against malware, worm, spyware, back-door Trojan, data leakage, brute force attacks, cracking, protocol attacks, scanning/probing, botnet and other web threats.

With GlassHouse IPS as a Service, which is managed entirely by GlassHouse team, and provided as hardware- or software-based according to your preference, you can identify and prevent threats on the basis of profile, based on rule, signature and user behavior analysis.


Why GlassHouse IPS as a Service?

  • GlassHouse Cloud solutions reduce the IT team’s workload and assist IT units to keep their focus on supporting the company’s core business functions rather than its IT infrastructure. Similarly, GlassHouse Cloud services enable you to free up your CapEx budget to invest in your core business functions rather than use it up on IT infrastructure acquisition.
  • GlassHouse IPS as a Service, provides a reasonably priced, scalable and efficient solution to organizations for enhanced security management; it offers an easy, quick and full integration with all GlassHouse Cloud services.
  • GlassHouse IPS as a Service has been created with the most enhanced software and hardware of the industry:
    • Your audit requests are automatically scaled, and the capacity of your resources never expires.
    • With its continuously updated comprehensive threat library (13.000+ signature library), it supports real-time response to threats.

Security as a Service

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