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Managed Backup Solution

GlassHouse Managed Backup Solution

Backup is the insurance of a modern organization. Backup infrastructure and operations that are guaranteed to restore are indispensable for businesses in the digital age. With the Managed Backup service offered by GlassHouse with its long years of experience and wide technical staff, you can truly secure your critical data and business processes.

Why GlassHouse Managed Backup Services?

Backup operations are becoming more complex day by day as a result of increasing application variety and amount of data. Managing complex backup operations with trained IT human resources who are also short in numbers, has become an unbearable burden for businesses.

With its corporate structure, expert team, and unmatched experience, GlassHouse has been the leading data backup specialist preferred by hundreds of businesses since 2004. Businesses that entrust their backup operations to GlassHouse's Managed Backup Service are protected from these occasions:
  • The costs of designing and managing a 24/7 backup operation,
  • Backup and restore risks,
  • Risks of ransomware attacks
By consuming managed services, businesses get simple and risk-free backup operations with service level agreements (SLA). In this way, they can focus on their main work by handing over the backup management to a team of experts.

100% restore guarantee with the combination of the industry's best team and the cutting-edge technology

GlassHouse’s managed backup services’s design is based on Purpose-built appliance technology. Dell Technologies’ DataDomain solution, which is used by GlassHouse in its service design, is the industry's most advanced backup solution with a global market share of 67%.

Our designs that use Dell Technologies DataDomain technology, provides
  • Up to 99% savings on LAN and WAN costs,
  • The industry's fastest backup and recovery performance,
  • Savings through DDBoost and deduplication at source against invisible hardware costs of backup media server,
  • 100% restoration guarantee thanks to DIA technology,
  • Resistance against ransom attacks with Air Gap and Retention Lock technologies.
With DataDomain "Instant Restore", it also provides your business continuity in times of disaster by running your most critical virtual machines from backup when needed.

Get Your Managed Backup Infrastructure just in 4 Steps

GlassHouse's Managed Backup Service approach transforms your backup operation through 4 steps:
  • GlassHouse’s expert level consultants determine backup policies specific to your business,
  • GlassHouse consultants creates a special design for you according to the data types and sizes in your production systems,
  • After the installation, GlassHouse's expert team keeps the installed system alive with 24/7 backup operation support, and
  • All service is provided with written service level agreements (SLA) and 100% restoration is guaranteed.
GlassHouse Managed Backup Service not only undertakes the operational risks but also the "pay as you consume" model undertakes the economic risks of your business. In this way, you can back up your business with the ‘consumption model’ which is free from the forecasting risks such as uncontrolled scaling and growth while purchasing CAPEX.

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