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Vulnerability Management as a Service

Always stay alert against security weaknesses and zero day gaps! Say goodbye to operational burdens such as version conflicts which cause security gaps, and update management.

GlassHouse Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) is an end-to-end, fully integrated patching, security and upgrade management service 100% managed and operated by GlassHouse. It is geared towards data centers or cloud environments.

It has a data-centric security approach based on continuous monitoring to identify any security gaps that may arise in your IT infrastructure, prioritizing and eliminating any threats that could make their way inside.

In order to reduce the burden of your security team, it offers flexible options on remote or on-site support with a monthly fee without any start-up investment cost.


Why GlassHouse Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)?

  • GlassHouse Cloud solutions reduce the IT team’s workload and assist IT units to keep their focus on supporting the company’s core business functions rather than its IT infrastructure. Similarly, GlassHouse Cloud services enable you to free up your CapEx budget to invest in your core business functions rather than use it up on IT infrastructure acquisition.
  • GlassHouse VMaaS provides a reasonably priced, scalable and efficient solution to organizations for enhanced security management; it offers an easy, quick and full integration with all GlassHouse Cloud services.
  • GlassHouse VMaaS has been created with the best-in-class software and hardware:
    • Option to integrate into your existing ITSM system,
    • Integrated policy production and management to create balance between security and operation,
    • Means of preparation for ASV and SAQ independent audits for PCI-DSS;
    • Application security tools support together with security gap management for your container, cloud (IaaS) environments and CI/CD business line (DAST, SAST, IAST etc.);
    • Contextualization services with scanning, device discovery, threat filtering, security gap matching, continuous threat analysis and security gap risk rating (VRR);
    • Ransomware Control and Integrated Application Security Gap panels
  • GlassHouse is a service provider focused on supporting the ‘enterprise’ structures with intensive use of IT infrastructures. Once your workloads are loaded to our platform, you can sit back and enjoy a relief from the burden of software/hardware updates, maintenances and repair. As the experienced team of GlassHouse takes care of your IT infrastructure, you will be able to concentrate on your main operations.

Security as a Service

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