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SAP Services

GlassHouse SAP Services

Leading IT company in the region, providing customized IT infrastructure services to businesses by constantly improving our portfolio.

Years of Experience
Productive SAP Customers
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Be the intelligent enterprise and stay ahead of the curve by powering your business with SAP.

Our Differentiators

  • AIOps Powered SAP Managed Services
  • 500+ SIDs of diverse customers across all Industry verticals
  • 200+ SAP Implementations
  • Trusted by 54 of the Fortune 500 companies
  • Advanced Specialization on SAP on Azure Workloads
  • Advanced Specialization on SAP on AWS Workloads
  • 150+ Migration and Managed Services projects
  • 5+ Managed SAP Customers with more than 10K End Users

SAP Basis Managed Service powered by AIOps
SAP Basis Managed Service powered by AIOps

SAP Basis Managed Service powered by AIOps Achieve Stability, Reliability, Adaptability and focus on your core business by opting for our Automation driven SAP Managed Services. What is AIOps? Businesses embrace hybrid cloud environments and adopt leading-edge technologies, IT Operations become complex and data voluminous. IT leaders needs a solution to automate mundane tasks and authorise their IT teams to deliver...

SAP Consulting Services
SAP Consulting Services

GlassHouse SAP Consulting Services Proven expertise In SAP Consulting Services with Global Project Experience. GlassHouse mainly focus on SAP architecture and technology consulting. We provide SAP Basis services for all kinds of SAP projects throughout the project lifecycle. This consists of architecture planning, sizing, designing technical landscape, optimizing resource requirements, SAP Basis implementation, SAP...

SAP HANA as a Service
SAP HANA as a Service

Gartner believes that by 2020, a corporate ’no-cloud’ policy will be as rare as a ’no-internet’ policy is today, with more than $1 trillion in IT spending affected by the shift to cloud. Organisations have a choice of clouds: public for flexibility, private for security or hybrid for a mix of both. Unlock the full potential of SAP solutions in the cloud and achieve cloud freedom with...

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